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Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (ME2018)

Türk Kızılayı / Turkey
Publish Date: 16.7.2018
We are currently seeking a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer to join our team in Turkish Red Crescent, which is the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey and is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. 

General Requirements:

·        Graduated from at least a university degree in one of the following fields;

Ø  Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering,Industrial Engineering,

Ø  Management, Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, or,

Ø  Psychology, Sociology, Social services.

·        Knowledge command of English and/or Arabic is a must,

·        Knowledge of the MS Office Programmes (especially Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Visio), SPSS, Visual Basic or one of the database management programmes,

·        Experience in the usage of data visualization or data mapping is a plus,

·        Having high level of communication skills in both oral and written,

·        Experience in humanitarian aid is a plus,

·        Being flexible in working hours and have no travel restrictions.

·        Having a B Class Driving licence and an active driver.

Job Description:

·        To work in collaboration with the Monitoring & Evaluation Team Leader in the process of Monitoring & Evaluation System’s configuration and development,  

·        To attend sessions and collect data ( Such as gathering information from the beneficiaries, monitoring of information,satisfaction analysis, and so on) actively with the Project partners in accordance with Turkish Red Crescent requirements and standards,

·        Usage of the electronic data collection materials effectively, 

·        To play a key role in the development and enhancement of the Grievance Mechanism and Information Sharing Systems,

·        To report Feedback and Complaints from the beneficiaries’ impressions and evaluate of their status once a month,

·        Regularly monitoring the program’s actions that should be consistent, fair and have an accountability mechanism in accordance with International Red Crescent requirements and“SPHERE Standards,

·        To draw up monthly reports and prepare presentations that is related with the Project team’s reports and stakeholder’s reports,

·        To collect data and report preliminary consideration, satisfaction, verification after distribution surveys’.

Keywords: monitoring, evaluation