Reporting Team Leader (Raporlama Takım Lideri) (RTL1220)

Türk Kızılay / Ankara
Yayın Tarihi: 16.2.2021


  • Graduated from at least a university degree (4 years) in related fields,
  • At least 4 years experience in related field,
  • Excellent knowledge of ENGLISH is a MUST and it will be tested,
  • Strong technical and analytical skills related to reporting,
  • Good knowledge of project management, logical framework and indicators development and follow-up,
  • Ability to support and engage in organizational learning, accountability and performance,
  • Good knowledge of Information Management and GIS
  • Highly organized with ability to manage multiple tasks,
  • Good knowledge of proposal/grant writing
  • Experience in supporting organizational reporting procedures and mechanisms
  • Being a good team player,
  • Being flexible in working hours and have no travel restrictions,
  • For male candidates, no military obligations or at least 2 years of military service postponement.

Job Description

  • Ensure reporting processes runs effectively, and to comply with project requirements within the platform,
  • Ensure timely and accurate submission of implementation reports to partners, donors and internally,
  • Ensure all reporting activities are compliant with reporting requirements of the donors and partners and internal procedures of organization,
  • Develop technical reports, dashboards and data visualizations to identify changes and trends in programme implementation, support evidence-based decision-making and increase programme visibility,
  • Keep track of the project’s logical framework, report on indicators progress and ensure common understanding on the indicators calculation,
  • Create programmatic reports that provide insight into key programme activities and updates. Develop and regularly update infographic, fact sheets, presentation etc. on the programme,
  • Analyze programme and beneficiary related data and statistics to produce evidence-based reports and visualizations,
  • Support the technical team to create provincial analysis reports for field teams to enhance the quality and efficiency of field activity,
  • Preform data analysis and visualization (interactive dashboards and other software) to enable live tracking of progress and ensure that all project outputs are documented and used both for external reporting and internal quality enhancement,
  • Prepare monthly reports to inform about the updates and progress of the programme for internal and external circulation,
  • Develop/improve the reporting SOPs and processes for project.