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Reporting/ Data Specialist

Türk Kızılayı / Türkiye
Publish Date: 2.1.2019
Tasks / Responsibilities:
  • Provide periodic and instant reports about project processes,
  • Interpreting data, analyzing results using statistical techniques and providing ongoing reports,
  • Developing and implementing databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality,
  • Acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases/data analysis systems,
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets,
  • Filter and “clean” data by reviewing computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems.

Qualifications / Requirements:
  • Graduated from at least a university degree (preferably Industrial Engineering, Econometrics, Statistics),
  • Good knowledge of English and/or Arabic,
  • Minimum 2 years of related experience,
  • Excellent Knowledge of  MS Office Programmes ( Excel) and SPSS,
  • Analytical thinking, results and solution focused,
  • Analysis and reporting skills at top level,
  • Preferably experienced in project management,
  • Verbal / written communication and representation,
  • Has a strategic perspective.